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Like a fresh summer breeze: Energetic 70s disco strings and 80s bass lines combined in a queer-pop dance anthem to all the teenage minds. 


MKSM’s uplifting new single „Be Alright“ is OUT NOW.

(Release: 08/14/2020 || maarweg records/ zebralution)


The new song is a fusion that makes everyone take to the floor. Effortless lightness. ‘Then’ meets ‘now’ in the best possible manner. 

‘Be Alright’ is an invitation to not overthink, to allow good moments in times of challenge, to not overestimate the problems and obstacles that life puts your way, and not be intimidated by them. It’s about trusting yourself and trusting your path –  everything will always be good in the end.

Listen to ‘Be Alright’ 


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