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RELEASE: 09/09/2022
Label: Milch Musik

“One Of My Demons” – musical striptease of the soul that elicits pure goosebumps.

MSKM releases the next precursor of the new EP “Feelings Of A Misfit” (release: 28/10/22) on the label Milch Musik on 09/09/22. Only those who know the lows can also appreciate the highs – the opener of the new MKSM EP shows this in a particularly impressive way.
“One Of My Demons” is a musical striptease of the soul doesn’t merely give you goosebumps with its haunting vocals, softly played piano melodies and a throbbing beat pattern. While MKSM confronts personal fears here, the lyrics also speak of emotional fathoms we all have to dive into at some point in life.
We all know them: the inner voices that tell us what to do, what to think, what to feel. These demons are not grimaces with wings, but subtle thought patterns that we follow often enough, without even realizing it. Then we stagger through the light as if blindfolded. But especially in the darkest hours we should not always believe everything we think.
A credo that MKSM internalized early in life. In order to chase his dream of being a musician, the charismatic singer, songwriter, violinist and activist has had to cope with and take on a lot as an openly gay Russian late repatriate who grew up in Ukraine: whether it was breaking through cultural conventions, struggling with eating disorders or the everyday language barriers as a stutterer.
His new single “One Of My Demons” is also dedicated to this rocky path and the lessons learned from it. Thematically, the focus is on a one sided, exploitative relationship. But it is also about the relationship to fears and self-doubt, which may stem from it sooner or later: “Blowing up fears just to stay on my mind”.
MKSM deliberately shows his vulnerable side here to encourage all those who know these feelings. Nobody should feel excluded! He challenges you to face your own demons.
The impressive music video was shot in black and white, hypnotic images in neo noir style. In it, MKSM confronts his demons. When he looks into the camera at the end, the battle seems to be won


RELEASE: 07/08/2022

Intoxicating up-tempo sound, the typical UK garage beat, melodies carried by his violin, and lyrics that go straight to the heart — with his new song “Tracks in Minor”, MKSM isn’t just releasing a declaration of love to melancholy and pop-songs in minor. The urban, danceable track details insecurities and fears that everyone can identify with.

Bright images from England, MKSM perform at ‘Cheltenham Pride in the Park’; the mood is wild and rowdy — then a cut: Him alone at a nearly empty intersection in Cheltenham, one-take, and just a few effects. Nothing else was needed to capture the feeling of the track in a visualizer.

With the lyrics he describes, among other things, a kind of hide-and-seek we play with ourselves — wasted talent, missing chances — and then he reminds himself I used to avoid doing things because I was too afraid of doing them wrong or of how other people would react. Run away from the familiar to start over again – until you find yourself again, somewhere new, on your own. Being carried by his own demands of himself, he sings “pushing through with no exception”.

MKSM – suppressing your feelings does not solve any problems – UNBREAKABLE UNTIL I BREAK

Just let go and feel what takes place inside of us – to pop-songs in minor.
The “Tracks in Minor”, “they help me heal” he sings and reminds himself – and us – not to lose ourselves and not to lie to ourselves. The song takes us on the journey to ourselves. “Dive into my pain”, the confrontation of that which we feel doesn’t yet solve our problems, but allows us to begin questioning ourselves and reflecting on our feelings, and that is where the healing begins.



RELEASE: 05/06/2022

MKSM is releasing ‘Shared Room’ on May 6th – a groovy love song in the style of Lauv highlighted by rhythmic guitars, MKSM’s violin and smooth synth sounds. Here, MKSM paints an autobiographical love story that flourishes in spite of society’s norms and established rules.

“This song is really special to me because it is, on the one hand autobiographical, the first single of my second EP, and on the other hand the first song where I sing about about a BOY… I needed to take my time to take this step and I’m really PROUD to finally get there. That’s why it feels right to publicly introduce my real partner in the video – that felt the most natural to me!

I love the mix of my soft vocals and the groovy and warm arrangement, and of course it had to have a little hook from my violin!  But in this case we also played with some effects so that the song sounds really exciting and fresh.” said MKSM

The music video is in Super 8 format and was filmed with a warm, nostalgic look that suits the sound.  It consists of documentary-style scenes of a long-term queer relationship and shows MKSM with his husband and their young puppy for the very first time. What began with TWO BOYS IN ONE ROOM has now become two men in an old apartment in Berlin, who after the new same-sex marriage law of 2017 are happily married
MKSMstands for Maksim – name of the charismatic singer, songwriter, violinist, and LGBTIQ+ activist. As an openly gay repatriate, he has lived in Russia, in the Ukraine, in Frankfurt and in London, and lives at present in Berlin.

After winning an ‘LGBTQ Music Award’ as Newcomer of the Year 2019, after writing campaign songs for LGBTQ+ Initiatives and for organisations such as Enough is Enough! and 100% MENSCH (100% HUMAN), after being nominated in 2020 for a LISTEN TO BERLIN Award, and after performing at the virtual GLOBAL PRIDE on the European Highlight Stage, MKSM released in 2021 his first EP HIGH ON LOWS.

In 2021, together with LEOPOLD, MKSM released the Pride song LOVE IN THE DARK. With this track, both musicians support the campaign I AM NOT AN IDEOLOGY – established by the initiative of Enough is Enough! and Fundacja Równość.
With the support of Initiative Musik (German funding and export office for musicians and music companies) and the GEMA (German society for music copyright enforcement), MKSM, after his big Pride Tour 2021, is now working on his second EP – and the first songs will be released punctually at the start of the Pride Season 2022.
„Bei meiner Oma durfte ich immer so sein wie ich bin – auch ihre hohen Schuhe durfte ich tragen“

MKSM: Live beim Aktionstag Art. 3

„Love In The Dark”: Hymne gegen Queer-Feindlichkeit in Polen

„Jede Liebe ist wertvoll“

Versöhnung mit der Familie

Mannschaft Magazin

«Collide» – Sich lieben und gemeinsam Altwerden


Enough is enough! LEOPOLD and MKSM have had enough of “LGBT-free zones”

The queer singers wrote a song together supporting the I am not an ideology campaign – recently launched by ‚ENOUGH is ENOUGH!‘ and the Polish organization Fundacja Równość.

The campaign is intended to draw attention to the unbearable situation of LGBTIQ * in Poland and to call for solidarity. The so-called LGBT-free zones, which many municipalities and cities, especially in southern Poland, have declared themselves to be, cause displeasure and headlines. Most recently, the European Parliament had positioned itself against it and declared the EU in a symbolic act to be the “LGBTIQ * Freedom Zone” – a free, democratic space that is supposed to strengthen the rights of queer people.

Official campaign song “Love in the Dark”

The two artists LEOPOLD and MKSM have just released the official song for the campaign. “Love in the Dark” is an invitation to everyone to celebrate diversity and to accept all people for who they are. The two artists sing: “Turn on your light” – and deliver a bright and positive song with a message that should encourage courage. An empowering anthem just in time for the start of the Pride season 2021!

Listen here:

All income from streams and downloads will benefit the campaign and support the work of the LGBTIQ * community in Poland..

In addition to MKSM and LEOPOLD, the music video for “Love in the Dark” shows several international artists and political activists who want to signal one thing above all in different languages: Love is not a crime! A visual statement for acceptance and equality, a call for solidarity against discrimination and persecution. Among others, you can see in the video: Vava Vilde from Queen of Drags, the Frankfurt entertainer Electra Pain, the Berlin activist and dancer Haidar Darvish and the popular queer Youtuber Tommy Toaling.

Further information on the campaign and the situation of queer people in Poland:

Love in the Dark